Thing called adventure!

Let’s do the Adventure!

We young adults has very busy life, not to mention that we do the same thing almost everyday. We wake up, eat,prepare ourselves and go to work. After work, we return home, prepare our dinner, check our social media account then fall asleep. We keep on repeating this pattern except for weekend’s and holidays.

Holidays and weekend’s for me is important because its my rest day. Literally, I sleep early, wake up late, eat my lunch then fall asleep again.

Then one day, I realized some thing and ask myself why I am wasting too much time for sleeping? Im gonna engaged in some fun-filled-activity just for a change.

I wrote this blog to share some of the places I visited, how to get there and what are the things to do to enjoy the rest of the place.

Join me in this journey to happiness.This is Eman your wandering buddy.


-the author


Author: pagkalayason

I am Eman like you I got a lot of interest. I wish I am a superhero so I can do everything that I want to do. Kidding aside, we admit it or not we are not getting younger so we need to live our lives to the fullest each day. So come on, move and be want you to be.

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