Anawangin cove, side trip to Capones Island and trekking on Anawangin hills | Pagkalayason

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Anawangin is a mountain slope, it has white sandy beach and a clear blue water.

SAM_6684Fig 1.0 The sandy shore of Anawangin Cove.


Mount Pundaquit is a 3/9 minor climb in terms of difficulty. It Stands 464 masl. Not bad for beginners like me.


Fig 1.1 stop over at the middle of mt. Pundaquit.


Capones Island is an hour travel from brgy pundaquit. This is also a white sand beach with amazing rock formations and it is surrounded by clear blue water.

Fig 1.2 Approching capones Island. 


Adventure is available during weekends and Holliday’s but there are some travel and tours that considers weekday’s. You have 2 choices to get here, choose whether you do it on your own or get

For us we choose the second option which is to get a promo from travel and tours online. We got the package for 10pax for 1200 each. Got this Cheapest promo upon browsing the net for the nth

Here’s our itinerary:



We set our call time at 2:00Am to avoid the delays. As expected there are late comers but we manage to depart at 3:00AM. After almost 4hours we arrive at the market around 7:00AM. an hour late to the itinerary because the driver got lost. We just ignore the driver we head fast to the market to save time. We buy foods good for two days and get back to the van.

After 30mins if I’m not mistaken, we arrive at guest lobby of the travel and tours that we booked in at Brgy Pundaquit. After the payment we prepared ourselves for the adventure cap, shades, sun block etc. But theres no available boat at that time so we prepare for our lunch. We cooked rice and grilled the bangus we bought earlier in the market. 10:00 am Just after we Finish cooking, they tell us that the boat is ready. So we started to carry thing we need to the boat. We got a gallon of water, fire woods, cooking utensils and tents and yes its all included in the package.

Fig. 1.4 Getting exited with the team.

After almost an hour of sea faring we are amazed with Anawangin’s warm welcome. We pause for a while and say Wow!

Fig 1.5 Approaching Anawangin cove.


We jump off the boat and headed to the resort the travel and tours reserved us. They show us the cottage which we will be using. My stomach is warning me that it is already lunch time, so I initiate to clean the table and serve the grilled bangus with seaweed sidings (first time to eat it) and rice. We begin the buddle fight and it satisfied me. By the way the seaweed taste good with tomato :).

After we eat we did not waste our time chatting at the cottage, together with mark and kuya delmor we head fast to the river to take some photos.

Fig 1.6 Majestic view at the river.


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